Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Johnny Cash 1969 from Wikipedia

Sometimes Ted and I just run short of things to say. That happened last night after dinner. I found myself asking about the radio his family had in the 30's. I launched into a description of transistor radios and then MP3 players. I realized I was probably being pretty dull when I had a brainstorm. I would get my MP3 player and show it to Ted and discuss things like how it can hold thousands of songs. But I realized that even with a hands on demo, it was still pretty dull. So I played a bit of Johnny Cash and let Ted listen through the head phones. I could crank the volume because he is very hard of hearing. His face lit up.

"Would you like to hear more?" I asked. "I'd like that. I think I'd really like that", he replied.

So Ted listened to Johnny Cash live at Folsom prison. His head bobbed. He sang along. He shouted out. When it was time for bed it took a little while for him to calm down. "That is my music. That's my people's music." he cried out.

I love the nice surprises.

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  1. I really enjoy reading this blog, Dad. Have you made sure that the rest of the extended family know about it? I'm sure a lot of them would like to hear about grandpa through your writing.